Creative content - engaging audiences

The Umbrella Organization covers all your digital content needs. As a multi-media agency in London we help you get the best out of your content and pride ourselves on being able to capture your message with dynamic story-telling.

By creating engaging digital and video content we deliver an experience that informs your viewer and encourages them to take action.

So here’s what we do….

Corporate Profile

The first place a potential client will look you up is online. A corporate profile film can show who you are and what you stand for. This is the perfect opportunity to inform and impress your clients and shareholders and encourage them to engage with you.

Marketing and PR

A short film or series of films is an ideal way to reach an external audience and also for internal communications. We can create multi-functional pieces to be used for presentations, conference openers, exhibition loops and more, with subtitles if needed.

Live Streaming

For simultaneously sharing information to an audience in disparate locations, from company-wide presentations and shareholder to meetings to new product releases, live streaming can also be interactive and include Q&A sessions.

Animation and Graphics

As part of a film or presentation, we can provide state of the art animated and 3D graphics.

Electronic Press Kit

The Electronic Press Kit is a key way to engage with the media, highlighting a specific project, company results or an issue you want to publicise.

A series of carefully selected, edited pictures and interviews from stakeholders are distributed to target media or journalists who can construct their own stories using the EPK material. The release can coincide with a press launch and be released under embargo.

Media Training

The Umbrella Organization has industry-experience professionals who can teach your staff how put yourself, your message and your company across, and to understand how to use the media to your advantage.

We can provide a tailor-made, media training programme and equip your staff with skills and tools to handle interviews and enquiries with confidence.